Thai cuisine is considered as one of the best style in Thailand. I love Thai dishes as one of the best foods because it emphasises preparing food with a spicy edge and aromatic components. One advantage of this Thai cuisine is that it uses ingredients that have medical value and good flavour. It is an ancient style that has undergone various advances in many centuries. It has been influenced by many cultures making it a masterpiece.

I love Thai cuisine since it allows the chef to experiment with different ingredients and various technique. Preparing Thai food is an art that allows the chef to juggle with other aspects like food appearance, flavour smell and context. Using Thai cuisine is a fun and experimental act that will enable an individual to learn more about Thai dishes’ rich culture.
Garlic is a significant ingredient of Thai dishes. Garlic is used in every aspect of cooking. When preparing stir-fried, consider starting it with garlic. Soup is prepared using garlic. Garlic is also used to marinate deep-fried dishes. Chilli paste, curry and other variation of Thai dishes have a lot of pressed garlic in it. Before you add it to the food, you can either roast it, minced it or smashed it to obtain perfect taste.

Reason why garlic belongs in many Thai dishes.

Despite garlic adding a specific smell and rich flavour in food, it has medicinal value and is being used in many Thai dishes. There are several different types of Thai garlic which include fire garlic and purple garlic. Fire garlic is the well-known type because of its rich flavour.
Thai garlic has a lot of nutritional value it is a good source of vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin c. vitamin B6 is essential since it helps the body synthesise serotonin hormones that regulate mood and help you cope with stress. It also helps the body regulate sleep and internal clock.
Thai garlic has a high content of allicin which is a component that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. These components boost the body’s immune system by fighting infectious microbes that might be on the body. The compound in garlic can help to fight the common cold.
Thai garlic is very nutritious since it contains low amounts of calories and various traces of other nutrients essential to the body system. Garlic supplements help reduce the level of cholesterol in people who have a high level of cholesterol in the body.
Compounds found in garlic are good at regulating blood pressure in people who have cardiovascular diseases. It improves blood pressure in people who are suffering from high blood pressure. Garlic is good at regulating blood sugar.
Garlic compounds increase the level of antioxidants enzymes that supplement body defence mechanism against oxidative stress. Garlic deals with urinary problems, and it compounds help in menstrual cycles. It improves bone health by boosting hormones.


For thousands of years in Thailand, garlic has been used in food because of its health and medicinal properties.